Reinstalling Empire Total War Without Problems

install empire total war

This installation guide is for people who have already been successful or attempting to install the game, created a STEAM account and registered their Empire Total War serial number to that account and want to reinstall the game without problems or are still having trouble installing the game.

Please make sure you read and understand every part of the installation process before attempting to install the game yourself.

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.2. Uninstall STEAM and Empire: Total War from within the control panel and the add/remove program menu in Windows. Usually START>>>Control Panel>>>Add/Remove Programs.

3. Insert DVD1, the game dvd will either autorun or you will have to do it manually, the STEAM program will now prepare to install and updates to the STEAM program will automatically start to download from the internet this will take anything from 15minute to 2hours to complete dependant on internet connection speed.

4. Once the STEAM program is installed a box will appear asking whether you want to create a new STEAM account or use an existing account. You need to choose the existing account options, enter your username and password.

5. Now the installation will start from DVD1 this will take anywhere between 45minutes and 4hours to complete 11GB will be installed, then you will be asked to insert DVD2 to complete the last 3GB of installation which may take another 5 mins to 30 minutes.

6. Once the game has installed a popup box will appear asking if you want to run the game, now run the game then another popub box will appear saying the game is about to run.

7. After a minute or so, another popup box will appear indicated that the game will start in xx amount of minutes due to it having to install the recent Empire Total War Patches, this download will take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours dependant on internet connection speed and the STEAM server not being busy.

8. Once the patch has been installed, a selection box will appear ‘Play Game’, click this and your game should now run and be available for you to play.


One thought on “Reinstalling Empire Total War Without Problems

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